Choose convenience. Choose paperless.


Manage your policy anywhere and anytime you want. We know convenience is important to you. That’s why we provide a secure customer self–service portal — My Hanover Policy — which allows you to easily view your policy and billing documents online, plus more! It's easy to sign up for paperless in just a few steps online. Take a look.

Two options to enroll:


Choose Paperless in your  My Hanover Policy customer portal.

If you are not currently enrolled with My Hanover Policy, click here to get started.



Choose paperless on the Hanover Mobile app. Simply download the app through the App Store or Google Play. You'll be able to complete the steps for paperless settings after your account is created.

Frequently asked questions for paperless delivery:

How do I know when I have a new document to view?

You will receive an email each time you have a new document related to a Hanover policy, and you will receive separate emails if you have multiple policies with us. Each notification will include a link to My Hanover Policy and the Hanover Mobile app for viewing the document online. You choose the application from which you want to view the document.

Can I receive email notifications at more than one address?

No. Only the primary email address listed in your My Hanover Policy account will receive these notifications. You can update this contact info at any time through My Hanover Policy or the Hanover Mobile app.

If I have separate accounts and link them together, will each account be set up for paperless delivery?

When you choose paperless, all of the policies on your account are enrolled. However, if you manage more than one account, and you have linked polices, those additional policies will not be enrolled. To enable paperless settings for those policies, a new My Hanover Policy account will need to be created for the account in question.

When I select the paperless option, should I still expect to receive mail from my agency and/or The Hanover?

You may still receive other important updates in the mail, either from The Hanover or your agent.

Can I turn off email notifications?

Not while you are enrolled in paperless. We have a legal obligation to inform you when a policy document is available for you to review. If we are not mailing these documents to your home, we must notify you electronically.

Can I request a paper copy of my policy?

Yes. Contact your agent or call us at 800-853-7536 to receive one at no charge.

What about auto identification (ID) cards / proof of insurance?

If you choose paperless document delivery, auto ID cards will not be mailed to you. As of January 2018, only two states (CT, NM) and Washington DC legally require printed auto ID cards. To order one, follow the steps below:

   •  Log into My Hanover Policy or Hanover Mobile app
   •  Click 'Mail My ID Card' from pop-up.
   •  Your card will be mailed to you. Store it in your vehicle when you receive it.

Do I receive a discount for choosing paperless?

No. Opting into (or out of) paperless does not affect your policy, payment status, or status of a claim in any way.

My agent enrolled me in paperless. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes. Make sure you log into My Hanover Policy or Hanover Mobile app to accept the program's terms and conditions to complete the paperless enrollment process. You will continue to receive policy and billing documents in the mail until this step is taken.

If I choose not to enroll in paperless, are my policy documents still available to view online in my account?

Yes. You can always view policy documents related to your account, on My Hanover Policy or the Hanover Mobile app. You can view up to two years of policy documents online.

What should I do if I am not receiving email notifications regarding my policy documents?

Check your spam or junk folders first. Then, log into My Hanover Policy or the Hanover Mobile app and check to make sure the correct email address is entered on your profile page. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us at 800-853-7536.

What policies are available for paperless?

Only personal Insurance policies at this time, including: Home, auto, umbrella, dwelling fire and boat. Commercial insurance policies are not yet available.

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